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Lizabeth by RainyDazeWriter Lizabeth by RainyDazeWriter
I bought Pokemon LeafGreen on either my 12th or 13th birthday, I think, and I never played it. Only three or four days ago, while preparing for my Haunted Ruby Nuzlocke comic, I decided I'd do my own Nuzlocke - no pausing for drawing, no writing down events as they happened to make sure they weren't forgotten, nothing but playing - on LeafGreen. So I started it up and made a new game. Before I write this, I'd like to point out that this was my first real Nuzlocke, the first I'd done without having to stop and think and write things down. Additionally, I sort of make a story out of it in my head anyway, as it happens - dialogue and personalities and all - and so I get much more attached to my Pokemon that way.

About 5 minutes into the game, after I had some pokeballs, I ran into a Pidgey on the first route, who I caught and called "Hanna." Then I went to the next area, intent on leveling up Hanna and catching another Pokemon. I strolled into the tall grass and as soon as I was in, a Rattata leaped out at me. I was pleased that it wasn't a Pidgey, because one of the rules I'd made said no repeat-catches, and sent out Hanna, figuring that she'd be able to chip away at it without making it faint. I used tackle, tackle, etc. while the Rattata kept using Tail Whip. I was pretty sure that, since I had been going first the whole battle, I could get it down to red HP without any issues. So I prepared to use tackle one more time.

The Rattata went first.

One-hit KO. Instant death.

It was my first loss. Hanna was dead. I sent out my Bulbasaur, Joker, in preparation to destroy the Rattata. Then I remembered that it would mean I'd wasted a chance to catch another Pokemon. I had this route, and Hanna's was closed against captures forever. I didn't want to capture the Rattata, but I figured it would mean I had something to work with until I could get enough Pokemon so that a few could be "boxed." So I threw a pokeball and captured it, and named it Lizabeth.
For some reason, when I captured Hanna my mind immediately placed her as a sort of shy, kind of wimpy Pokemon - the kind of personality I didn't particularly like. And when I captured Lizabeth, I placed her as a sort of smart-but-really-pissed-off personality. And that ended up being the reason for this drawing. I liked that personality. I wanted to make Lizabeth deeper in my story. Couldn't help it.

She's my favorite Pokemon on my team. She's level 20 while all my others aren't even to level 15, not even my starter. She'll be holding an Everstone when I find one; I don't want her to evolve. I'll be keeping here around and using her in my battle against the Elite Four. She will be the first to level 100. It happened somehow. And I wanted to draw her. (Sorry that she's not centered.)

So here you go. This is Lizabeth, my Rattata, my favorite Pokemon.

TL;DR: I started a private Nuzlocke in LeafGreen and caught a Pidgey that was killed by this Rattata, caught the Rattata, ended up naming her Lizabeth and she ended up as my favorite Pokemon in that game, she'll be level 100 first, higher level than my starter, etc. Don't know why I like her so much... it's something about her. It's like she's in the top percentage of Rattatas.

Edit: Because she's lvl 50 right now (and the others on my team are lvl 30; I haven't neglected them), I decided to have Lizabeth hold an Everstone in case I'm ever going through the battling motions and forget to press B while she evolves. I thought for a while and decided that it would be hard to battle holding a large stone, so I sort of invented a little situation in which, after arriving at Celedon, a lady was selling jewelry and was willing to set the Everstone into a bracelet. Hence the bracelet.
MPT0922 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"I'm top percentage, bitch."
RainyDazeWriter Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Precisely so.
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